at-home workout guideWhether you prefer to work out at home, or it’s the only option you have, this at-home workout guide has you covered.

Below are resources you can turn to for your at-home workout needs; options vary based on the workout equipment you have available. Let’s start with the option that doesn’t require any equipment.

Bodyweight-Only Workouts

Don’t have any exercise equipment at home? Then bodyweight workouts are the way to go. Start with the article 7 of the Best Bodyweight Exercises to build your bodyweight workout program. The article shows you how to scale the exercises, to make them easier to more difficult, so you can start training today and know how to progress going forward.

Suspension Trainer Workouts

Do you have a suspension trainer? Then you’ll be able to have much more exercise variety if you have this single piece of equipment: Use the free 8-Week Suspension Trainer Program.

The great thing about suspension trainer and bodyweight workouts: You can do them absolutely anywhere.

Dumbbell Workouts

Have dumbbells at home? Great! Then use the Lift Like a Girl Dumbbell Workout.

Note: If you’re limited by the amount of weight you can use (some people just have a few pairs of dumbbells) then work with what you have. Meaning, if you don’t have enough weight to make certain exercises challenging for the provided rep range in the dumbbell workouts, then perform higher reps. This may mean cranking out sets of 20-30 reps for certain exercises, but that’s fine! You can still create a great training effect from high-rep sets, provided that they’re challenging (meaning you finish the set knowing you could only do 1-3 more reps).

At-Home Workout Programs

All of the resources above are free, but if you want a detailed, no-guesswork plan that includes exercise demonstration videos and everything else you need to succeed in one convenient and affordable package, check out these two at-home workout programs:

The 12-Week At-Home Workout Program. This program is in PDF format and includes printable workout logs. Exercise video links are provided in the PDF. If you prefer to track your workouts with pen and paper, go this route.

Click here to check out the 12-week program.

The 10-Week At-Home Beginner to Intermediate Dumbbell Program, in App format. This program is available on the Train Heroic app platform and includes exercise demonstration videos too. There are also analytics that will help you take your workouts to the next level, and track them long-term too. If you prefer to use an app for your workouts, go this direction.

Click here to check out the 10-week beginner to intermediate program on an app.

The 10-Week At-Home Advanced Dumbbell Program, in App Format. This program is also available on the Train Heroic platform, but it is strictly for the advanced trainee! It uses high-intensity training techniques that allows the advanced trainee to get the most out of dumbbell-only workouts.

Click here to check out the 10-week advanced program on an app.

No matter how much, or how little, equipment you have at home, you can still strength train efficiently and reap significant health benefits: Make the most of what you have. And, remember, you can always build your home gym little by little over time.


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