Transformation of the Day: Yaya lost 67 pounds. Over the years, she tried various plans, methods, and workouts to release the weight, but nothing worked. She shared with us how a mix of intermittent fasting methods, Keto, exercise, and listening to her body has allowed her to get results.  

Yaya before and after weight loss Yaya before and after weight loss

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Instagram: @yayafit_86

Age: 35
Height 5’7″
Highest weight: 290 pounds
Current weight: 223 pounds
1st goal: 180 pounds
Ultimate goal: 135 pounds

I’ve struggled with weight ever since I could remember. Having family members calling me “fatty bully” didn’t help either, and at the time, I only weighed 135 lbs and was in middle school. 

However, I started seeing myself as this huge blob, and my mind’s image transformed into the physical world. 

When I was younger (in my late teens/earlier twenties), I tried working out, eating right, going vegan, going vegetarian, going to the gym every day after work, etc. However, nothing seemed to work long-term. Or maybe I just wasn’t consistent enough.

My highest weight was 290 pounds, and I started to lose weight after having my first child in 2016. I stayed between 270 and 260 lbs, hovering in that zone. After my third child in 2020, I got to 240 pounds. Then back and forth in the 250s. 

I had to get a medical abortion in May 2021 and lost my son due to Anencephaly. I was pretty depressed and down. That’s when I decided to distract myself and work on me. 

Yaya before and after weight loss

I started doing Trap Cardio on YouTube every day for an hour, broken up into two sessions. I would also walk 10,000 additional steps a day. I saw some progress, but it wasn’t enough for me. 

I stumbled upon IF( intermittent fasting) and started doing OMAD (one meal a day). I saw weight loss with that for a week, rapidly at that, but then my weight stalled. I was still in the 230s, so I decided to keep researching. Next, I found Keto. So my new plan was OMAD with Keto (eating about 6-10 net carbs a meal). I lost about a pound daily on the scale, but my body figured it out, and I was in the 230s again. 

My body just wanted to stay in the 230s, but that’s not a number I am happy with. So I decided to do ADF [alternate day fasting] again. This meant fasting for 36 + hours and then refueling after that with an eating window of 2-3 hours. However, after 36 hours, I just kept fasting and did an eight-day fast. It was amazing. I had All my energy and was not craving anything. At this point, I knew my body had become fat adapted and was using the excess fat in my body to sustain my normal activities. 

On this fast, I got down to 210 lbs! So I know My body is capable of getting out of the 230s! Today I do A mixture of ADF, OMAD, and 48-72 hour fasting alongside KETO. I noticed that carbs are not my friend at all. Carbs make me retain a lot of water and bloat. 

I also work out about five times a week, doing cardio and strength training at home. I recently started going to the gym again. With three children under six, I’m pretty busy, but I have decided to make this effort to take care of myself, so I will always be able to take care of them! 

Even though the scale says 223 pounds, my body composition has changed a lot. My mid-arm, hips, and thighs have been reduced significantly. At the moment, I’m not too focused on the number on the scale. Instead, I’m focused on how I look And feel. I’m in tune with my body and listening to what it is saying. I’m just glad I found something that works for me. 

Peace, health, and love to everyone figuring out their journey. 

I also have a place to document my progress on IG. If anyone is interested or has any questions, it’s called @yayafit_86.


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