Here’s a recap of our winter break!

Winter Break Fun!

We had a fun, long winter break!

It takes a village to raise children. And the past few weeks, I was the co-chief of that village. We packed in a lot of at-home activities and had a lot of fun together time. How ironic that I come out of a “break” needing a break 🙂 They need their schools, friends, and the playground as much as I do! 

kids crafts - Winter Break Fun

I tried to implement some arts & crafts every morning

While we did have some warmer weather, the mornings were gray and cold, so we focused on indoor activities. The boys got KiwiCo boxes from KK for Christmas, and they were a bit hit. 

KiwiCo boxes for kids - Winter Break Fun

Mazen and I built this awesome remote control snake. You can buy it without a subscription too here (affiliate links). 

remote control snake - Winter Break Fun

Birch and I made watercolor fish in a fishing game, and this foam puzzle was a huge hit from the Under The Sea kit. 

foam puzzle

We also played with kinetic sand!

Our neighbor’s kids were finished with this, and we were glad to take it on!

playing with kinetic sand - Winter Break Fun

Playing with kinetic sand -  Winter Break Fun

Mazen finished his Harry Potter lego

(Much faster than i had hoped!) 

Harry Potter lego - Winter Break Fun

We did this puzzle 100x

toddler puzzles

There was playdoh time with our cousin

kids playdoh time - Winter Break Fun

Reading hour

(Birch missed his mask and asked to wear it!)

Reading hour

Guitar practice

kids Guitar practice

And couch forts!

couch forts - Winter Break Fun

ET in the closet!

Winter Break Fun

In the afternoons, we had outside time

Mazen is getting so great at his hoverboard!

Winter Break Outdoor Fun

Sometimes we went in costume!

This is the one Birch got for Christmas.

Winter Break Outdoor Fun

Winter Break Outdoor Fun

Thomas made a camp site 

And Mazen put up my old tent from growing up!

camp site at home - Winter Break Fun

camp site - Winter Break Fun

We went for walks to see the trucks down the street

trucks down the street

And really really wished for more sunshine.

Winter Break Fun

I had some help from bro-bro with bedtime a few times!

He will only help if he can “be me” in my robe!!

brothers bath time

bedtime reading - Winter Break Fun

Birch and Lambie are BFFs

toddler sleeping

Siren Cville

Before Christmas (and before omicron got crazy) we went with Thomas’s parents to Siren, Laura Fonner’s new restaurant. If you watch the Food Network, you might remember Laura as the winner of Guy Fieri’s show Guy’s Grocery Games! She’s a long-time family friend of the Donnes and actually catered our rehearsal dinner. She is head chef at Siren that just opened before Christmas. 

We had a delicious seafood meal starting with calamari and seafood chowder. I loved this rockfish with gnocchi.

Siren Cville

and John’s whole flounder was impressive!

Siren Cville flounder

Real Food Meals

Cozy morning oatmeal!

morning oatmeal

Egg muffin + pear breakfast

Egg muffin + pear breakfast

There’s nothing like some playdoh to season a salad!

bowl of salad

My go-to salad

I made a Reel on Instagram with my favorite salad dressing of late. Check it out!

That dressing + greens, gorgonzola, and roasted pecans

Plus whatever protein I have on hand. 

salad bowl

salad bowl - Winter Break Fun

salad meals winter salad meals

Soup Season!

Broccoli and Cheese

I added spinach + fritos to Broc and Cheese soup from Whole Foods

Broccoli and Cheese soup

Homemade Bone Broth Soup

We made this one with mushrooms, bone broth, parmesan, spinach, and leftover rotisserie chicken. 

Homemade Bone Broth Soup

Turkey Chili

Turkey Chili

Veggie Scramble

A veggie scramble is my go-to lunch if I’m not in the mood for a salad and don’t have time for soup!

Veggie Scramble


Meatloaf, mashers, and kale chips with green beans

Meatloaf, mashers, and kale chips with green beans

Blue Apron Panko Chicken

One of my ALL TIME favorites. Always order the panko chicken at Blue Apron! Served with a saucy sauce, sweet potatoes, and roasted broccoli. Check out the refreshed Wellness meals collection for the new year over at Blue Apron right now. Nutrient dense and veggie-packed!

Blue Apron Panko Chicken

Family Taco Night

This time we made pulled chicken in the crockpot instead of beef. I loved the lighter taste with lots of fresh cilantro and chopped romaine. 

Family Taco Night - Winter Break Fun

Spaghetti Night

Once a week for the kiddos! I wilt spinach under my noodles so I don’t have to bother with a separate salad. 

Spaghetti Night

Rotisserie Chicken with rice and asparagus

Rolls 10/10!

Rotisserie Chicken with rice and asparagus

Mona Lisa Lasagna

And old fav! With broccoli, sourdough, and kombucha. 

Mona Lisa Lasagna

Wine on the weekends

I’ve been trying to stick with kombucha during the week. In a wine glass, it’s the perfect bev. I turned my Winc subscription back on for the weekends though. They have the best balance of price and creative labels. And I’ve never had a bad wine from them! They now have some vegan and clean wine options too. 

Wine on the weekends

A special visitor!

Lastly, we had a special visitor! Karen came up from New Orleans for the first time since the pandemic began! It was great to see her, Andrew, and his daughter. Birch loves KK too! She says hello to you all!

Karen with the boys

Happy New Year!


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