We’ve received some incredible entries for our in-house photography contest!

To give you a background, on 9 February 2022 we announced a photo-contest exclusive to team members of Indiahikes. This thought came from something that we have noticed for many years. 

Almost every day, we witness great photos being shared within Indiahikes. On Whatsapp, over emails. Unfortunately, these fantastic photos are lost in a blur of messages and updates. 

We initiated this photo contest to create a platform where brilliant trek photos find place and rightful recognition. 

Here we announce the Winners and Nomination of our In-house photography contest!

Anil Singh Bisht – Kuari pass

Trekkers descending after the summit and walking towards Khullara campsite. Picture by Anil Singh Bisht.

This image could easily be placed on a story book cover of how trekking in winter season looks like! With Mt. Hathi Parvath in the backdrop and trekkers walking in the forefront this picture has the right sense of composition. We didn’t get a gorgeous image like this in our regular photography contest and it’s a very special feeling to see this coming from one of our own staff members.

Camera Settings: Shutter – 1/2000, Aperture – 1.9, ISO – 150, Focal length – 5mm. (Captured in mobile)


Tirth – Sandakphu Phalut

The view of Sleeping Buddha from the Sandakphu trek. Picture by Tirth.

Here is another picture that takes the winning prize because of it’s perfect composition. This picture humbles you down because of the perspective it puts in front of your eyes – The mighty Kanchenjunga range in the backdrop of a tiny yet beautiful house. Also, the contrast of the colors over here adds to the experience of looking at this picture.

Camera Settings: Shutter – 1/1250, Aperture – 7.1, ISO – 200, Focal length – 24mm.


Munendra Rana – Dayara Bugyal

Trekker walking towards Summit. Picture by Munendra Rana.

Here’s a rare setting so beautifully captured in a photograph. Most of the photographers would miss out or find it difficult to capture a photo at this time of the day. The early morning hour when you are on your way to climb the summit, your hands are freezing cold and yet the photographer managed to think of capturing a shot like this is incredible!

Camera Settings: Shutter – 1/15, Aperture – 1.7, ISO – 200, Focal length – 10mm. (Captured in mobile)

Mankuneg – Deoriatal Chandrashila

Tunganath Temple in Winter. Picture by Mankuneg.

If anyone knows a little about trekking they would know about the climb to Chandrashila Top where you get to visit the famous Tunganath Temple just a km away from the summit. This picture captures the temple in a beautiful winter setting which is special to us as this year was the first time when we decided to open the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek during winter season.


Camera Settings: Shutter – 1/1500, Aperture – 1.7, ISO – 100, Focal length – 24mm.


Diptarka – Brahmatal

The man and his mule in the mountains. Picture by Diptarka.

Here’s a picture that captures an important aspect of life in the mountains. It’s not easy to do a Himalayan Trek without the support of mules and muleman. They play a huge role in making it possible to camp at a higher altitude. Pictures which tell a strong story are always close to our heart and that’s what we appreciate in this picture the most.

Camera Settings: Shutter – 1/950, Aperture – 5.6, ISO – 400, Focal length – 55mm.


Ravi Ranjan – Har ki dun

Kotgaon Village in winter. Picture by Ravi Ranjan.

This picture depicts a beautiful winter setting of a remote Himalayan village. We love how the photographer has captured this picture with a lovely composition of various elements. It makes it easy to imagine yourself being a part of such a setting.

Camera Settings: Shutter – 1/342, Aperture – 2.2, ISO – 400, Focal length – 10mm.

Thank you for participating! We’ll be back with more.


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