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Too many women have struggled, and depleted their sanity and happiness, from disliking their bodies and fighting the number on the scale. They’ve used exercise as punishment for overeating, to “fix” body parts they don’t like, to “earn” the right to eat dessert. And I have done all those things too. I have also, thankfully, had the privilege to work with numerous women who decided enough was enough: They knew there must be a better way to approach health and fitness rather than endlessly obsessing over fat loss and a smaller number on the scale.

They instead chose to use exercise as a means to discover the incredible things their bodies could do. They chose to focus on moving their bodies more frequently in ways they enjoyed; ways that made them feel good about themselves. They focused on improving their workout performance when possible and celebrated personal records, in their many wonderful forms.

And something remarkable happened: They reaped rewarding, empowering benefits that accompanied their renewed fitness perspective, from focusing on discovering what their bodies could do instead of engaging in a relentless battle with the scale. They looked forward to, and enjoyed, their workouts. Frustration and stress that plagued their mind from their previous fat-loss-obsessed focus melted away.

Every woman, especially those who have known no other reason to work out other than fat loss or the pursuit of a smaller number on the scale, deserves to have the same rewarding and enjoyable experience. To feel good in her own skin. To use fitness as a tool to feel great about herself and to appreciate her body in a new way. To build a truly healthy lifestyle that she sustains long term.

To help make that a reality for more and more women, I wrote Screw Fat Loss and created an accompanying 15-week workout program built around three weekly strength training workouts and instructions to achieve the minimum cardiovascular activity guidelines. After all, it’s easy to say the words “Screw fat loss!” but practicing it requires a proven plan of action.

When was the last time you weren’t trying to lose fat?

Would you like to say Screw fat loss! and experience for yourself a refreshing, empowering change of pace and focus for your workouts? Would you like to look forward to your workouts, and feel great about yourself? Then I invite you to join me and other like-minded women who will embark on the same journey together.

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