Normalized eating may seem like an odd topic to have to cover, but bear with me.

First, I’d like to tell you a quick story:

I was out in beautiful Lake Louise this past summer, camping with my older brother and his two kids. We had gotten up early that morning to beat the crowds to Moraine Lake and catch the sunrise up over the lake. We ate our breakfasts and then I headed out for a steep hike while the kids and my brother played around the lake.

I had snacks on my hike, but when I got back to the campground, I was still hungry. So I grabbed my water bottle and what was left of the bag of all dressed chips and sat at the picnic table to eat. My brother looked up at me and said “You’re the coolest dietitian eating chips at 10:30 am”.

We laughed, and agreed that it’s true, but then it got me thinking.

Eating what I want, eating when I am hungry, and eating what is available near me, is NOT culturally accepted or “normal”. What I was doing is actually an odd thing to do for most people.

Why is that?


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