West Health Chief Executive Officer Shelley Lyford issued the following statement on reports that Senate Democrats have reached agreement to move forward on a reconciliation bill that includes major provisions to lower prescription drug prices.

“Reports that Senate Democrats will advance a reconciliation bill that includes landmark reforms to lower prescription drug prices are welcome news for the millions of Americans struggling with high healthcare costs. This must pass legislation would, for the first time, empower Medicare to negotiate lower prices directly with pharmaceutical companies, cap annual out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for beneficiaries, and impose penalties on companies that raise prices faster than the rate of inflation.

West Health has long supported federal action to lower drug prices and address the healthcare cost crisis and we are calling on Congress, after years of inaction, to finally get the job done and put the interests of seniors, their families, and American taxpayers ahead of those of the pharmaceutical industry and its lobbyists. Americans cannot wait any longer.”


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