There is a four-letter word that has dominated Indian minds and hearts since time immemorial. It is none other than ‘C-H-A-I’. From morning meal to mid-meal snacking, a day without a cup of ‘kadak chai’ seems like a nightmare to most of us. Mention evening tea or mid-meal snacking, and our mind can’t help but wander around greasy and crispy snacks like samosas, kachoris, bonda and pakodas. No doubt these Indian snacks are loved across the nation. However, consuming them every day can be really hazardous to health as these snacks are made with Maida (refined flour) and deep fried.

So, what should we do now? Should we skip snacking? Well, no that’s not the solution. The right way is to switch the snacks with healthier ones. Having said that, here we bring you a list of 5 multigrain snacks that are a combination of both health and taste. Besides, these snacks take very less time to get prepared. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Weight Loss Snacks: Here’re 5 Multigrain Snacks That You Must Try:

Multigrain Idli (Our Recommendation)

Cooking multigrain idli isn’t anything new, all you need to do is replace your rice with nutritious flour for instance, bajra flour, ragi flour and jowar flour with a little bit of whole wheat. The recipe also uses fenugreek seeds, another super ingredient known for its anti-diabetic qualities. For the complete recipe of multigrain idli, click here.


Multigrain Murukku

A savoury, crunchy South Indian snack, Murukku is a staple snack in South India. Originally, murukku is a deep-fried snack, this recipe is a lot healthier since it is made with Ragi flour and is filled with the goodness of oats and Urad Dal which is then baked to perfection. Find the complete recipe of multigrain murukku, here.


Multigrain Garlic Bread

Italian food lovers, raise your hands! Here we bring you a healthier version of enjoying this very popular snack. A top favourite munch, oven toasted multigrain bread lathered with piquant flavours of garlic and butter. Click here for the recipe of multigrain garlic bread.

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Multigrain Paratha

Next up is this multigrain paratha recipe. Be it for mid-meal or as breakfast, this can be eaten anytime. A wholesome, yummy paratha packed with the goodness of jowar and ragi! Try it out! Click here.


Multigrain Pizza

Another Italian recipe for you. All the pizza flavour, minus the guilt. Dig into this healthy pizza made from stuff that’s good for your health. Find the recipe of multigrain pizza, here.


Now, you know the drill, try these recipes and let us know how they turned out in the comments section below.

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