Don’t worry, the Ladds 500 on Saturday will create its own weather.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland)

Hi everyone!

Despite the wondrous weather at the moment, chilly and wet conditions are expected this weekend, a factor that unfortunately led to the cancellation of the Chingonas’ Biking 4 Beginners Clinic that was scheduled for Saturday.

But there are still lots of events to make up for a lively weekend, so let’s hope the rain is as intermittent as possible.

Here’s our list of hand-selected events for the weekend…

Friday, April 8th

Midnight Mystery Ride – 11:00 pm.
Once every month, folks gather to follow a mystery ride leader to a fun midnight and more mysterious destination. The start location will be announced by the organizers on the same day of the event. More info here.

Saturday, April 9th

Ronde PDX 2022: Community Edition – 9:00 am at 3610 NW St Helens Rd
The legendary ride returns! Nearly 8,000 ft of climbing the west hills in 50-ish miles will leave you with sore legs but great honor for completing the hardest ride of the year. The event is free and this year the ride has even better rest stops and lots of opportunities to support good causes along the way. More info here.

Gorge Trail Rehabilitation – 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Wyeth Campground (Cascade Locks)
In support of the NW Trail Alliance, help is needed to maintain the Columbia Gorge trails, this time the Gorge 400 Trail specifically. It is also a unique opportunity to participate on the application of a different set of trail building techniques to the existing rock treads, drainage, a stream crossing, and spring. More info here.

The Ladds 500 – 10:00 am at Ladd Circle (SE)
This ride is a loop. Literally. For real. With the slogan of “It’s Spring, Let’s Do Something Stupid,” folks team up for a relay race to complete 500 laps around the Ladds Circle Park riding their bikes and other wheeled oddities. Here’s a throwback to the 2018 edition of this seasonal happening. More info here.

Sunday, April 10th

Bike Loud PDX No/NE April Ride: Multimodal Mobility Edition – 11:00 am at Holladay Park (NE)
This Bike Loud North and Northeast chapter ride features Serenity Ebert, the advocacy collective’s Co-Chair and also transit and bike mobility champion. After taking the MAX towards Gateway Transit, they’ll talk about mobility challenges in East Portland and ride back along the Alameda Greenway. More info here.

Corvidae BC’s Monthly Ride – 2:00 pm at Peninsula Park (N)
Corvidae Bike Club’s plan for this month is to provide a chill bike ride to contrast Saturday’s Ladds 500. I personally hope they avoid to many left-turns for a change. More info here.

Stay plugged into all the bike and transportation-related events around the region via our comprehensive event calendar.