Ask any Indian what’s their favourite everyday drink, and they are bound to say chai. Chai is more of an emotion in our country rather than a drink. Feeling sad? Have some chai. Feeling happy? Have some chai. Don’t know what to eat? Have some chai with snacks! Chai is fit for any day, any time and any mood! And, if you think that only us Indians love their tea, you might be wrong there. Many foreigners, who travel to India, also fall in love with this drink! Recently, one such video of a foreigner has been doing rounds on the internet. The lady in the video can be seen selling chai Indian-style while she speaks Hindi fluently.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @desiismybae, we can see this lady entering a room and acting like a chai seller. She also has four glasses of chai in her hands. As she walks in, she can be heard saying, “Chai, Chai garam chai. Memsab Garam chai? Special garam chai banaya hai humne aapke liye (Chai, hot chai. Ma’am, do you want some hot tea? I made this special hot tea for you).” Check out the full video here:

Ever since this video was posted, it has been viewed 495K views, 42K likes, and a lot of comments. Many people were amused and surprised by her fluent Hindi! One person wrote, “Hindi was on point with the accent.” Another person wrote, “When did my Hindi teacher start living abroad?” Someone also said, “She speaks better Hindi than my family and me.”

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Many people also commented on her chai. One user wrote, “That’s a lot of chai. In my house, three people drink in that one glass.” Another user wrote, “That’s an inappropriate amount of chai, though.” Many people also said that the chai looked like milkshake. A person said, “This chai looks like a milkshake.” Another one said, “Chai nahi, milkshake lag raha hai (Not chai, but looks like a milkshake).”

Isn’t this video fascinating? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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