The monsoon season is here in full swing, and we love to have snacks during this time. While many of us rush towards having pakodas, samosas, and kachoris, there is no harm in trying something different. Plus, since the rainy season is about having hot foods, then why not make some momos this time? And no, we don’t mean the usual veg momos, chicken momos, or paneer momos. This time, we bring you a recipe for delicious cheese momos! Cheese and momos happen to be two of the most favourite things of many. So, we thought, why not mix them both and relish a new dish?! This cheesy momo recipe will be loved by everyone in your house and will be ready in no time. Plus, you don’t even need any extra ingredients to cook it with. Just a few simple ingredients, and your dish will be ready!

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In this simple recipe, you can also add some vegetables to it. The vegetables add more flavour and crunch to the dish. And if not, then a small cube of cheese in the center of your momo also tastes good. Whenever you make it, don’t forget to pair it with that classic spicy momo chutney. We assure you that this momo indulgence will make you ask for more! Check out the recipe below:

Cheese Momos Recipe: Here’s How To Make Cheese Momos

Take maida and salt and combine them in a bowl to make dough. Oil the dough and let it rest. Now for the filling, take green chilies, and garlic and sauté them with cabbage, carrots, and capsicum. Add salt and black pepper powder, and combine well. Add spring onions. Let the stuffing cool. Now make roundels from the dough and fill the stuffing with cheese in the center. Steam these for 15 minutes and enjoy!

Watch the complete recipe of these cheesy momos in the header above.

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Try out these yummy delights this monsoon season, and let us know how you liked their taste!

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