Indian streets are filled with all kinds of food vendors. They have their own unique way of selling their products in order to attract customers. Be it making bizarre food combinations, singing catchy jingles or pulling off hysterical acts – they never fail to impress us with their selling techniques. In a recent viral video, a fruit vendor was seen selling fruits by making funny facial expressions and gestures, and it has left the internet in splits. The video is hilarious to watch and the fruit vendor is being appreciated for his passion for his work. 

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The clip was shared by Reddit user Crowcin on the community r/funny. “If my fruit dealer ain’t this passionate about fruits then I don’t want it,” read the caption of the clip. In the video, we can see the fruit vendor cutting papayas and watermelons. He shouts in amusement after looking at the insides of the fruits, and can be seen saying that the fruits are ripe (“Kitna laal hai”). Take a look at the hilarious video: 

Ever since the video was shared, it has received more than 75,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments. The location of the video is not specified, but people can be seen gathered around the man’s fruit stall. They seem to be enjoying the fruit vendor’s unique sales technique. Reddit users thoroughly enjoyed the man’s video and left amusing comments. 

“He knows the secret. In order to have the best-tasting fruits, you have to scream at them”, one user commented. 

“I would buy fruit from him every day for that show”, said another user. 

“This guy is the legend himself. I would like to buy some juicy ahh fruits from him,” another comment read. 


What are your thoughts on this hilarious video? Do let us know in the comments sections below. 

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