We all agree that the internet can often be a strange place where we come across things that leave us confused. No matter how much information and knowledge we can find there, our mindless scrolling makes us discover new stuff from all over the world. Whether it is about a foreigner ordering food in fluent Tamil or someone doing Maggi experiments, all these things keep us hooked. And recently, one such video of a street vendor wearing two kg of gold and selling sweets has made heads turn! Sounds a bit offbeat, right? Well, as weird as it might sound, it is actually true.

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In a video uploaded by food blogger @Youtubeswadofficial, we can see a man adorned with gold chains and bracelets. At the beginning of the video, you can see the vendor preparing rabri falooda in a bowl. As he adds the ingredients such as kulfi, ice cream, syrups, and more, he is also posing with his gold jewellery! According to @Youtubeswadofficial, this vendor sits in Indore’s Safar Bazaar, and wears two kilograms of gold. Check out the full video here:

Doesn’t that look amazing?! Since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 420K times, has 27.6K likes and more than one hundred comments! One person commented saying, “These street food gimmicks are getting bizarre day by day,” Another person wrote, “Cooking with ring?! Lots of food will be stuck there.” Someone also said, “He has gold jewellery but not enough money to buy hand gloves.”

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In contrast, many people also enquired about the taste of the sweets. They said, “Ye toh theek hai but rabri falooda ka taste kaise hai? (This all is fine, but how does the rabri falooda taste?)” and “Has anyone eaten this?” Those who have earlier tried the food from this street vendor revealed that his name is Nemaji, and he is pretty famous in Indore. Some even mentioned that the food he serves is good in taste.

Have you ever eaten from his shop? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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