Let’s admit it; butter chicken is the heart and soul of Indian food. It is one of those dishes that is not only famous in India but also worldwide. You can enter any Indian restaurant, café, or even roadside dhabas; you will surely find butter chicken over there. Moreover, we even love to make this dish at home and have our own ways of cooking it. While you might have eaten this dish several times before, do you know what happens when a foreigner tries it for the first time? Recently, a foreigner uploaded a video of herself trying Indian food for the first time, and her reaction is too relatable to miss.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram page @imjustbesti and originally made by Tiktoker @authenticteecee, we can see her trying Indian food. In the video, you can see her visiting an Indian restaurant. There she goes and orders some of the food. As she orders, she asks the cashier if Indian food is better or Chinese food. To which the cashier replies by saying Indian food.

As the woman gets her food packed, she shows that she got garlic naan, cheese naan, butter chicken, and rice. The woman first tastes the naan, and she instantly loves it. Then she dips the naan in the butter chicken and keeps eating it. In the end, she screams, “It’s bussing!” Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 302K times, 13.5K likes, and more than a hundred comments. Many people reacted to the food and said that it had too much oil. One person wrote, “More oil on the chicken than I have ever seen.” Another person wrote, “There’s more oil in that dish than there is in the Middle East.” Someone also added, “This just made my stomach turn.”

Many others also commented, saying that the butter chicken looks bad. A user said, “This butter chicken is the worst I have seen.” Someone also said, “This butter chicken looks terrible lol.”

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In contrast to these comments, some users also said that Indian food always tastes good!

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