In recent years, we have tried making almost everything at home. Proof of the same are the countless cooking videos on social media. In fact, we find people creating different unique content related to food and cooking – some are creative, some are experimental, and there are some leaving us in splits. We recently came across one such video that instantly tickled our funny bones. The video was posted by popular comedian Aadar Malik. It was about how to make pasta at home. That’s right. The simplest of the recipe was presented in the most hilarious way – in two video posts (in two parts), named ‘Boring Tutorials’.

In the first video, we saw Aadar with a straight face wondering if he is still “super influential” in the cooking world as he had not put up cooking videos for long. Then he started speaking about the cooking process. He said, he loves spaghetti but has fusilli at home. “God knows why I even bought it,” we heard Aadar saying in Hindi. He then went on to explain how to boil pasta. Take a look at the funny video:

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In the second video, Aadar explained what to do after the pasta is boiled. He says in Hindi, “I don’t like spoon-feeding, hence I will not show you the end product. Do whatever you want with your pasta.” Here’s the second part of the video:

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As expected, these super hilarious videos received 247k and 1.1million views respectively and hundreds of likes and comments. “Your cooking videos are downright unique and hilarious and I just laugh so much while watching. I hope you make more of it,” reads a comment. Another comment reads, “Why do you remind me of Farah Khan?!”

What are your thoughts on the pasta-making video by comedian Aadar Malik? Do let us know in the comments below.

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