From her grunge and trending looks to her weekend binges, Shruti Haasan is one celebrity that has us all hooked on her star-studded life. The daughter of one of the most celebrated South Indian actors in the industry – Kamal Haasan, Shruti continued her father’s legacy as an actress and became a singer as well! Being a multi-talented icon, she likes to treat herself for all the hard work by indulging in decadent meals. While we are used to seeing her binge on lavish Bengali spreads and delicious vegetarian feasts, this time she decided to show the healthy side of her that she doesn’t show often on screen. Her Sunday binge has us stunned and we are in awe of the singer-actress.

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While most people tend to enjoy chole bhature, biryani or pav bhaji for Sunday brunch, Shruti Haasan chose to stick to a healthy meal! Post her intense workout, she decided to indulge in a healthy salad for her Sunday binge this time! Take a look:


Shruti Haasan’s salad was a plate full of health, with a variety of greens and proteins at its centre. The salad had sautéed prawns, lettuce leaves, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and more veggies. It seems like Shruti Haasan is choosing to eat healthy over her usual ‘sinful’ indulgences and it has inspired us to eat a healthy salad as well! If you are looking for easy salad recipes to make at home, then click on the link below:

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Most Sundays, Shruti is seen indulging her foodie habits and satisfying her cravings. Like a true-blue foodie, she not only likes to eat but she also likes to cook as well! However, the summer heat made her love for cooking die, she shared recently. Maybe that’s why she is sticking to eating salads?

What did you think of Shruti Haasan’s Sunday salad? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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