It seems the United States’ food delivery app DoorDash went through a rough patch recently. Reportedly, a sudden glitch on the app led hundreds of customers order food and alcohol for free. You heard us. According to several posts across social media, on July 7, 2022, DoorDash had a glitch on the app, which as a result, allowed people to check out (after adding to cart), without entering any authourised form of payment. The news in no time went viral on social media, and more and more people took the opportunity to order free food and expensive alcohol as well.

Some of these customers further took to Twitter to post the screenshots of their extravagant orders with bills running up to thousand dollars. That’s not all. A person even bought a 32-inch high definition television, absolutely for free! Some stocked expensive contraceptive pills as well.

“So y’all got a Doordash glitch to where you can get anything you wanted for free and nobody thought to start tipping workers $1,000+ ??” read a tweet. Another person wrote, “y’all getting free food on DoorDash and ordering McDonald’s ?! y’all trippin.”

Take a look at some of the screen shots here:

However, as per reports, a DoorDash representative informed that the glitch happened for a short period of time, when some users could checkout their orders without any payment. However, they immediately took the situation into concern and subsequently cancelled fraudulent orders. They further apologized for the inconvenience caused.

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