A wedding is one of the key milestones in one’s life journey. Right from the décor to the food, everything about this day must be just perfect. These days couples are leaving no stone unturned to make their wedding extra special and memorable. The newlyweds are looking for new ways to show their dedication and commitment to each other through special vows or sweet gestures. Recently, a couple from Guwahati, Assam went viral after an adorable video of their marriage contract surfaced online. Rather than the usual vows, this couple went for some quirky ‘foodie’ conditions at their marriage ceremony. Take a look:

The video of the Assam-based couple was shared on the popular wedding photography page @wedlock_photography_assam. Since the time it was posted, it has gone viral and raked in over 38.8 million views and 1.8 million likes.

In the viral clip, the bride Shanti and the groom Mehfil can be seen sitting on the stage presumably after their ‘varmala’ ceremony. As the garlands adorn their necks, we can see them adding their signatures to a large sheet of their wedding contract with certain conditions mentioned on it. “Only one pizza a month,” reads the first one followed by, “Always yes to ghar ka khana.” Other foodie pointers in the wedding contract include, “Sunday morning ko breakfast tum banaoge [You’ll make breakfast on Sunday morning].” A number of witnesses also signed their names on the contract below, thus formalising the foodie agreement!

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This Assam-based coupled had some foodie conditions on their quirky marriage contract.

The internet was simply in love with this cute Assam-based couple who were evidently big foodies. The fact that they incorporated food into their wedding contract was appreciated by many. “Only one pizza in one month,” laughed one user while another commented tagging his partner, “Please be ready with this contract.”

What did you think of the Assam couple’s marriage conditions involving food? Do you remember seeing any such hilarious viral video recently? Tell us in the comments.

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