Do you remember tasting something for the first time? It might have been a unique food combination or a dish that you had not tried before – what makes this experience even more interesting is the way we react to it after having our very first bite. We might be awestruck by its unique taste or get completely engrossed in relishing the dish. Recently, we came across a viral video in which we can see a squirrel tasting almonds for the first time. It seems like the squirrel couldn’t believe its taste buds after tasting them. 

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The video has been shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter. In the video, we can see a person offering a handful of almonds to the squirrel. The squirrel then picks up an almond and slowly eats it. As soon as it finishes, he completely freezes. It seems like the squirrel was amazed by its flavour. “Chipmunk tasting an almond for the first time” read the caption of the video. Take a look at the viral video: 

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Adorable, right? The viral video got a flurry of reactions on the internet. Ever since the video was shared, it has garnered 9.9 million views, over 42 lakh views and thousands of comments. Netizens are loving the squirrel’s reaction after tasting the almonds. Take a look at the reactions:  

“Omg, she’s so cute.” 

“Oh, the pleasures unknown to squirrel kind!” 

“Hilarious and so damn cute!” 

“He sure thought about it for a while, then stuffed himself!  Tooo funny and adorable!” 

“Hahaha he’s so cute!” 


What do you think about this adorable video? Do let us know in the comments sections below. 

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