We possibly don’t need to give a separate introduction about Mira Kapoor’s love for food. In fact, over the years, she has emerged well as a food and lifestyle influencer on social media. Today, she enjoys 3.8million followers on Instagram and 188k subscribers on YouTube. And she keeps each of them engaged with various entertaining and informative content. Sometimes Mira talks about healthy food, sometimes she shares diet tips; and then there are times, the 27-year-old diva gushes over her sinful indulgences. Take Mira’s recent Insta-stories, for instance.

Mira Kapoor, who is currently in London, shared glimpses of her ongoing Euro-trip. We have seen her enjoying the family vacation with husband and actor Shahid Kapoor and kids – Misha and Zain. Besides, images of breath-taking scenery and adorable ‘fam’ moments, she has been giving us sneak peeks into all her indulgences too. She was recently at London’s popular Brigit’s Bakery, which is popular for its ‘tea-time bus tours’. Here, you get to enjoy an exquisite high tea with a French twist to it, in a beautifully decorated moving bus (across London streets).

What grabbed out attention were the cute pastries, cookies and muffins, along with drink (possibly coffee) in ‘peppa pig’ tumbler. The complete setup had a white-n-pink vibe, and the foods were all vegan. “On peppa’s bus,” Mira captioned one of the stories. Another story read, “Delishhhh!” Take a look at the delicious pictures from Mira’s tea-time bus tour at Brigit’s Bakery.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Each of these sweet and savoury delicacies looks so beautiful, right? Like us, would you too want to take a tour on this ‘indulgent’ bus in London? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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