The United States of America celebrated its 246th year of freedom on 4th July 2022. Every year, this day is marked with utmost fun and fervour in different parts of the country. Besides the quintessential parades and fireworks, people also mark the day with picnics, parties, barbecue, and various other fun activities. One such event we recently came across was about a speed eating challenge. Today, this game has taken over the world with people in large numbers participating in such contests. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is an example of the same. It is an annual American hot dog eating competition, held each year on US Independence Day at New York City.

Following the tradition, the competition was organised this year too with people in hundreds participating in the hotdog eating challenge. According to a report in AFP, the contest was won by a person named Joey Chestnut, who gobbled down 63 hotdogs in just 10 minutes. You heard us. The report further says that this was his record-setting 15th victory at the annual 4th of July competition. However, it was a far cry from his own 2020 record of eating 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

Speaking about his record-setting victory, Chestnut said that he trains by eating hot dogs often and taking part in eating contests featuring them about once a week, reports AFP. “Joey Chestnut is a force from beyond who defies the laws of physics,” said contest host George Shea.

The second place at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest went to Geoffrey Esper, who ate 47.5 franks and buns; and third position went to James Webb for eating 41 hotdogs.

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