It’s Friday again; meaning we are all set to make our weekend plans. Some likes to go out with friends, some enjoy house parties and there are some, who keep it low and relax all by themselves. To sum it all, weekend is all about unwinding yourself. And food plays a major role in the process. Whether we are partying with friends or watching movies at home, we need some delicious food by the side to uplift the mood. Mutton curry, pizza, burger, pastries and more – we go on a bingeing spree without any diet thoughts in mind. But what if we say, you do not need to break your diet to enjoy delicacies?! That’s right.

We have found just the perfect recipe to make this weekend that will help you keep up your healthy eating pattern in the most delicious way possible. Don’t believe us? We suggest, try it out and decide for yourself. Here’s a simple, flavourful and exotic fish stew recipe that finds its roots in a Portuguese kitchen.

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How To Make Portuguese-Style Fish Stew:

Although this dish does not have an Indian origin, it has received a fair share of popularity in different regions of the country. Wonder why? The answer lies in the history of Portuguese invasion in India. After Vasco da Gama discovered sea route to the Indian subcontinent in 1497-1498, Portuguese came to the country and established their settlement. This subsequently influenced the Indian culture at large, with inclusion of various Portuguese cuisine in our food habit. Another amazing instance of Indo-Portuguese delicacy is vindaloo (today popular as Goan cuisine).

Another popular recipe is fish stew. Here, fish is slow-cooked with potato, veggies, white wine, which finally come together to form this delicious dish. It is light, comforting, flavourful and can be ideal for a weekend brunch. You can have it as is or pair with a small portion of rice by the side.

Click here for the detailed Portuguese-Style fish stew recipe.

Prepare this delicious recipe this weekend and make it special for your family and friends. Happy Weekend, everyone!

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