The much-awaited monsoon showers have finally begun. Multiple states are witnessing heavy rains, and can the rainy season ever be complete without some samosas? A staple snack in India, samosa has a huge fan following during this rainy weather. Whether you enjoy it with chutneys or chole, dahi or as it is – there is no denying the love for samosas that we all share. But can you imagine finishing a samosa that weighs a whopping 8 kilograms? A giant ‘Baahubali’ samosa has surfaced on the internet and got foodies online to sit up and take notice.

The reason that this samosa has found itself among the top trends is not just because of its humongous size, but also the fact that it has become a food challenge. If you can manage to finish the 8kg ‘Baahubali’ samosa all by yourself, you can even win a Rs. 51,000 cash prize. Take a look at the video of the samosa shared by food blogger Chahat Anand on her Instagram handle.

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This giant samosa is from Kaushal Sweets, a sweet shop located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The entire making of the samosa was also shot by the same food blogger and shown in another video. Filled with potatoes, peas, dry fruits, paneer and spices, the samosa weighed a whopping 8 kilograms after it was deep-fried. It was then shared with a number of people who came to watch the making of the ‘Baahubali’ samosa. Take a look:

According to reports, the sweet shop owner Shubham said that nobody has been successful in the food challenge yet. He admitted, however, that the Baahubali samosa brought back customers to his shop. Shubham also plans to make a 10kg samosa very soon!

What did you think of the Baahubali samosa? Do you feel you can finish it by yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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