Last August Jabra launched a new generation of headphones in its Elite range, which included the budget Elite 3 buds and the Elite 7 Active sports headphones. The latter especially stood out with impressive sound and a reliably secure fit.

So we were surprised to see another set of Jabra headphones appear so soon. The new Jabra Elite 4 Active, revealed at CES 2022, will split the difference between the Elite 3 and Elite 7 Active buds to offer a wallet-friendly option for sporty types.

The Elite 4 Active headphones cost £119.99, which is £40 more than the Elite 3, and for that extra money you’re getting one particularly notable upgrade: the addition of ANC. The Elite 4 Active headphones also have a higher waterproof rating at IP57, which makes them waterproof to depths of 1m for 30 minutes. The IP55 rating on the Elite 3 is still enough for sports use, but buds with a superior waterproof rating are always welcome so you can rinse off sweat under a tap or run in heavy rain without the sneaking suspicion you’re ruining your headphones.

Other features on the Elite 4 Active include Jabra’s HearThrough mode, which lets in ambient noise, solid sound quality powered by 6mm drivers, and seven hours of battery life on the buds plus another 21 hours from the case.

As with the Elite 3 buds, there are no wings on the Elite 4 Active headphones, which can make achieving a secure fit for exercise tricky for some. However, in our experience Jabra buds stay in place as well as, or even more reliably than, other sports buds, and the lack of wings makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods.

The addition of ANC will tempt many people away from the Elite 3 headphones, and the impressive all-round feature set on the Elite 4 Active might make spending the extra £50 on the Elite 7 Active hard to justify.

The improvements on the Elite 7 Active include a smaller, sleeker design, and the use of Jabra’s liquid silicone rubber ShakeGrip coating for a more secure fit. There are some other small upgrades too, like the fact you can adjust the ANC and the eight-hour battery life compared with seven on the Elite 4 Active.

We’ll be putting the Elite 4 Active buds through their paces soon for a full review to see if they are the best option from Jabra, and where they stand in the wider world of sports buds.

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