The Brondello Classic Manhattan

The Brondello Classic is in Manhattan. The Brondello Classic road bike has been chosen by Luxuny as part of its exclusive objects on display.

That’s worth mentioning.

The Luxuny Atelier is located in a 240 sqm attic, in the heart of Manhattan. The space, on multiple stories, covers the entire west side of the top floor of the Bryant Park Studios, a building from the 1920s. Venetian architecture details and a crystal chimney from the original design still remain, described by the New York Times as “one of the most beautiful in the country.”

The Brondello Classic Manhattan
The Brondello Classic Manhattan

The building is beautiful and so is the bike. The Brondello Classic is a true design object with its wonderful, minimalistic linear nature. Made in steel, it is named after a hill that is much beloved by the riders from Piedmont and especially from Cuneo, Italy, where Officine Mattio is based.

Officine Mattio, with its endless customization options for its customers, could not miss the opportunity of working with Luxuny and displaying the Brondello Classic, a true symbol of Italian craftsmanship. And, an experience quite different than a bike shop.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on an Italian steel bike, but I have nostalgia for the ride. That’s for sure.

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