A step-by-step tutorial for breaking down a whole watermelon into perfect, bite-sized pieces, this is the best way to cut a watermelon.

The BEST Way to Cut a Watermelon

When the weather starts to heat up, nothing is more satisfying than diving into a big bowl of chilled, juicy watermelon. Whether I’m getting ready to host a backyard BBQ, or simply want to prep fresh fruit ahead of time for my boys to grab throughout the week, I’ve learned an easy and fool-proof method for breaking down whole watermelons into perfectly cubed, bite-sized pieces. All you need is a large cutting board, a sharp chef’s knife, and a whole, seedless watermelon for The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon.

The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

Slicing a Watermelon Step 1

With a sharp knife, start by cutting off each end of the watermelon.

Slicing a Watermelon Step 2a

Now that it will sit still on the cutting board, start cutting the rind off at an angle, curving along the edge of the watermelon.

Slicing Watermelon Step 2b

If you follow the natural curve of the watermelon, you’ll see little to no waste of the red flesh.

Slicing a Watermelon Step 3a

Next put the watermelon on its side and cut it into thick discs.

Slicing a Watermelon Step 4a

Stack the watermelon rounds and cut into strips.

Slicing a Watermelon Step 5

Rotate the rounds 90 degrees, and cut into strips again, creating perfect watermelon cubes.

the best way to cut a watermelon

Now you have perfect cubes for picnics, fruit salads, or a mess-free way to serve watermelon to your kids! There you have it, the best way to cut a watermelon.

Frequently asked questions:

How long will cut watermelon last in the fridge?

Watermelon will last up to 5 days stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze watermelon?

Yes you can! Frozen watermelon is especially great for smoothies.

What type of knife is best for cutting watermelon?

A large, sharp chef’s knife is the best knife to cut a watermelon with.

How to Perfectly Slice a Watermelon

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Liz Eating Watermelon

Once you learn my easy method for breaking down a whole watermelon, you’ll never go back to slicing them the old-fashioned way.

Your fork is waiting.

The BEST Way to Cut a Watermelon

The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

A step-by-step tutorial to cutting a whole watermelon, this is the absolute best method for cutting a whole watermelon into perfect, bite-sized cubes.

PREP: 10 mins

TOTAL: 10 mins


Servings: 20


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