I love bargains and I know you all do too. I also love cooking and adding to my constantly full kitchen cupboards with gadgets and tools I didn’t know I needed. If you have seen the adverts for Amazon Prime Day on 12th and 13th July 2022 then here I have some of the best Amazon Basics Prime Day Deals for the kitchen.

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What are Amazon Basics?

Have you ever searched for something on Amazon and found that there are so many brands you have never heard of selling what you are looking for cheaply but you don’t know whether to trust them?

This is why I love Amazon Basics, it is like an own-brand basics selection with products you can trust because they are from Amazon but the prices often match or beat the cheap unknown brands.

I get it, some things we all want a branded product for, such as a laptop, for example, we generally buy from brands we know and trust and have had recommended. Other things such as laptop cases are needed to be functional and the brand is mostly irrelevant.

This is where Amazon Basics Prime Day Deals are perfect. The basics range is already good value but with the deals, there are some bargains!

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Amazon Basics Prime Day Deals for the kitchen

My favourite Amazon Basics deal you can buy on 12th and 13th July 2022 at these prices only are as follows. they are of course available after this date but the price is likely to have increased again!

Amazon Basics 15 Piece Non-stick Cookware set

This is a perfect set for someone who is moving into their own home and needs to buy so much. It would also be a great gift for a couple who have just set up a home together and have lots of hand-me-downs so they have their own items or perhaps a student starting at university in the autumn.

For the usual price of £56.37, you can get it on Prime Day for £37.49. Buy it here.

Amazon Basics Glass locking food storage containers (20 pieces)

I absolutely love this set which includes 10 glass food storage containers and 10 matching lids. The glass is perfect for all foods, especially tomato-based dishes as it doesn’t absorb stains or odours. The plastic lids are BPA-free and include a silicone ring for a perfect seal.

I love that these are better for the environment than plastic containers and look so much nicer too. they will be a great addition to my kitchen! The glass can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher and the plastic lid in the microwave, freezer and top shelf of the dishwasher.

For the usual price of £33.76 you can buy this set on Prime day for £18.66, Buy it here.

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet and Dutch oven set

I love skillets and have never bought one but keep looking for one that is good quality but not expensive. They are perfect for making things like fajitas or anything where you would like to serve the meal straight from the cooking dish without making more washing up!

I love that skillets such as this can be used in the oven and on the hob. These are suitable for all cooking tops and even on a BBQ! They are pre-seasoned so you should not use soap but instead rinse them with hot water and oil the cooking surface before storing to prevent rusting. It is not dishwasher safe but with something this easy to clean I personally don’t think that is a problem.

For the usual price of £32.08 you can buy this on Prime Day for £23.91. Buy it here.

Amazon Basics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set for 6

This is another great buy for people setting up a home or moving to university. A basic white porcelain dinner set including six settings of dinner plates, dessert plates and bowls. They can be used in temperatures up to 300°c and down to -15°c so perfect for all uses but as with any porcelain it is fragile!

For the usual price of £43.99 you can buy this on Prime Day for £30.86. Buy it here.

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – 4 Litre

Have you ever used a pressure cooker? There is so much you can make in them and they cook everything so quickly. With meals that can be cooked as a whole in the pressure cooker, it really is something you should consider for the kitchen.

If you don’t have one yet and fancy a stove-top type rather than electric then this Amazon Basics pressure cooker could be perfect for you.

For the usual price of £49.63 this is available on Prime Day for just £33.68. Buy it here.

Other Bargains

I am keeping an eye out for any other Prime Day deals over the course of Prime Day – 12th and 13th July 2022 so keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram for any deals I spot for you!

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