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Are you often on the road to the most exotic destinations? If so, you need these seven gadgets to take with you on your next trip!

After over two years without it, travel is back on everybody’s to-do list. With the pandemic slowly coming to an end, and travel restrictions being raised pretty much all around the world, we can all finally make our travel dreams from during the pandemic become true.

Now, you’re probably already imagining a packing list. Clothes, shoes, medications, maps, essentials. What else should you pack? It’s 2022, so there are plenty of gadgets to make your trip more enjoyable

Truth be told, traveling is a lot more fun and exciting when you also bring some gadgets on, whether for listening to music, keeping your stuff safe, or charging your phone even in the most exotic destination. So, when you’re making your packing list, do make sure that you add these seven gadgets to take with you.

1. Smartphone 

Sure, it’s nearly impossible for you not to have already considered taking your smartphone on your trip since you probably already take it EVERYWHERE you go. But it’s definitely worth mentioning, just in case. In fact, this section mainly aims to highlight just how many things you can do with your smartphone while traveling. More precisely, you can use your smartphone while traveling for:

  • Listening to music
  • Taking pictures
  • Using it for GPS and directions
  • Holding digital travel-related documents 
  • Research restaurants and touristic attraction sites 

These are obviously just a few examples of the many things you can do with your smartphone to make your trip more exciting and experience less travel-related stress.

2. Earplugs 

What activities pick your interest when traveling? Suppose you love music and socializing; you probably attend music concerts and festivals wherever you go because they allow you to have a taste of the local culture.

But did you know listening to loud music can damage your hearing? When you engage in recreational activities like attending a music festival or live concert, you expose yourself to high sound levels. Standing next to a loudspeaker can trigger tinnitus, noise-induced hearing loss, and a persistent ringing in your ears.

However, if you wear music earplugs, you protect your hearing from noise exposure because they prevent excessive sound from reaching your hearing organ. Now, you may think you can wear any pair of earplugs you find at the local supermarket. Well, the average earplugs may offer some level of protection, but only Shush Earplugs cancel noise properly and lower the sound to a safe level without compromising your ability to hear and communicate with other people. 

Traditional earplugs are created simply to block out all noises, but music earplugs are made from ceramic that preserves sound without distorting it.

So, if you’re an avid festival goer, music earplugs are definitely the one gadget you shouldn’t leave your house without.

Shush Earplugs are also useful when traveling by airplane as they regulate air pressure and prevent earaches when taking off and landing. You can wear them during the entire airplane trip because they muff the surrounding noise and allow you to relax and focus on reading a book or completing a work task.

Also if you love hiking, biking or paragliding in the mountains, a pair of earplugs can make the experience more enjoyable because you’ll no longer feel the difference in altitude.

3. All-in-one universal adapter 

If you’re an international traveler, you simply can’t leave home without an all-in-one universal adapter.

Reaching your accommodation in another country can turn into a really bad experience if you notice that the plug points are completely different than those you have back home. This will leave you with no battery on all your gadgets, including your laptop, smartphone, and others. 

This is where having an all-in-one universal adapter shines and saves the day! 

If you keep such an adapter close by, you will never have to worry about the plug points you’ll find at your destination. Plus, you’ll also be safe from having to contact the hotel manager for help or traveling to the nearest shop looking for a charger that you can actually use. An all-in-one universal adapter will make your trip trouble-free.

4. A smart suitcase  

Your dream trip can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have your stuff stolen, right? So, you probably want to have the best gadget that can keep you safe from thieves.

Traveling to a new place leaves you more vulnerable than you are at home. And one of the risks you can encounter is becoming the victim of local thieves looking for foreigners to trick. So, to outsmart them, you need a smart suitcase.

Smart suitcases are definitely a must-have travel gadget. They have an ingenious lock system that will keep all your belongings away from unwanted hands. And, the best part about these gadgets is that they charge right up via sunlight. So, don’t forget to leave your smart suitcase on the balcony of your room for good sun exposure.

5. Waterproof phone case 

Whenever you’re traveling to a new destination, you’re likely researching the weather there before you start packing. You likely want to know for sure if you should also pack an umbrella, a pair of shorts, or a warm sweater. However, even if you’ve seen that the weather will be nice and sunny, the weather is always unpredictable and, believe it or not, it can affect your smartphone when you’re traveling. 

All the time, but especially when you’re traveling, your smartphone is one of the most important possessions you own. So, you probably don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having it ruined by bad weather conditions. That’s why you should bring a weatherproof phone case, especially if your trip involves visiting beaches and getting close to the water for pictures.

6. EBook reader 

If you’re a reading enthusiast, you definitely cannot go on your trip without an e-book reader device. There will be plenty of time that is less engaging in your trip, including while you’re on the road or while you’re on the beach sunbathing. An e-book reader allows you to lecture your boredom out.

This gadget allows you to bring as many books as you want on your trip, without overcrowding your bags.

7. Solar charger 

If you’re one of those travelers that love adventures in nature, this gadget is definitely a must-have during your outdoor trips. If you plan to stay outdoors for long during your next vacation, don’t forget to bring a solar changer to use renewable resources to charge your most essential devices.

A solar charger will help you keep your smartphone, GPS device, and laptop all charged up for when you need it the most.


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