Fitness league of India is going to be India’s first fitness reality show as claimed by Tarun Gill. This show is hosted by Tarun Gill and Rannvijay. Sahil khan, also being a part of it. “Fitness League of India is going to be a one of a kind show where the winner will not only engage in fitness competitions but he would also get an entry into Bollywood. Apart from this, the winner would get the prize money of over ₹3 crores and a Harley Davidson bike.” As said during the promotion of this show.

Recently, many controversial videos are uploading regarding the show whether this show is Real or Fake !!!

Major reasons creating negative vibe regarding the reliability of this show is that all the links so provided before are either deleted or are under maintenance –

  • Fitness League of India Facebook page has now been deleted: https://www.facebook.com/fitnessleagueofindia/
  • Their official website has been set to down: http://www.fitnessleagueofindia.com/
  • Moreover no further queries of the users regarding the show are entertained. Few of them are as below:
    • http://tarungillfitness.com/question/personnel-question-about-fitness-league-indiafli-2/
    • http://tarungillfitness.com/question/personnel-question-about-fitness-league-indiafli-4/
    • http://tarungillfitness.com/question/respected-sir-i-want-to-take-part-in-fitness-league-india/
    • http://tarungillfitness.com/question/regarding-fitness-league-of-india/

Tarun Gill’s credibility has been questioned. Sahil khan who was also a part of FLI, as a judge uploaded a video regarding his contract papers and payment issues and also claiming that none of his hotel bills being reimbursed. Sahil khan has a deep concern regarding the sentiments of those people who have taken part in this show and submitted a fee amounting ₹2000.

Moreover, Tarun Gill in response had also uploaded a video regarding the show saying that its not at all fake. The team is working over the show and soon it will be on the television. not being a web series or something. He emphasized on “Actions speaks louder.” He said that he will not talk much about the show but soon his action will shut the mouth of all the people who is talking against the show. He didn’t mention the name of any person. but promised the launching of the show on 28th of January.

On this, Sahil Khan further added that he will give away his fee as a judge and will take back all the cases he had sued against Tarun Gill, if this show comes over the television on 28th of january. He will be more than happy if this show comes on the television as many dreams are attached to it.

Much negativity has been seen for Tarun Gill from past few months. Many abrogating comments had been seen in the comment section of Tarun Gill on his social media accounts. This controversy is creating a bad impact over his image.

Now, we all are waiting, including sahil khan, for the show to be on television.

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