Hello 2022! I can’t believe you arrived so quickly! If you are still in holiday mode, then you probably still have your tree lit up, decorated, and standing tall! To inspire you to take down your holiday decor, let’s honor your body with a “take down the tree” workout!

This is a “pyramid style”, full body workout that utilizes your Total Gym equipment. It’s a fun way to close the holiday season and kick start your body into a fresh start.


• Accessories Needed: Squat Stand & Cables
• Start at the top of the tree and work your way down to the stem.
• Complete the exercises listed in each tier. Continue down to complete the circuit.
• Reps are listed in each tier.
• Take your time and work to your own fitness level.
• Have fun as you take down the tree!


Beginners: complete 1 round of half the reps listed. If you’re feeling strong, up your reps and go for the full set!

Intermediate: complete the reps listed and perform 1-2 rounds with a 1-minute rest between sets.

Advanced: complete the reps listed and perform 2-3 rounds with minimal rest between sets. Adjust your incline to fully challenge your muscles.


[High Level / Squat Stand Attached]
• 1 minute Star Jacks
• 10 reps Single Leg Squats R/L

[Low-Med Level / Attach Cables]
• 20 reps: Chest Fly / Triceps Extension (supine)
• 30 reps: Pull-Over Crunch (15) / Bicycle Crunch (15)
• 40 total reps: Torso Rotation (10 R)/ Kneeling Rows (10) / Bicep Curls (10)/ Torso Rotation (10 L)

[Low Level / No Accessories]
• 50 reps: Reverse Lunges (50 R/ 50 L)
• 1 minute: Incline Plank Hold (Adv: Decline Plank Hold)

Check out the video to see how these exercises are performed on your Total Gym.

Who would have thought taking down a tree could be so much fun?!

Best to you in this new year!



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