Food delivery has made our life so much easier. We can easily order any dish, any cuisine from the comfort of our home or office. You can even order items even if you are sitting in the middle of the garden and enjoying a picnic. However, while ordering, many of us don’t realise the hardships that a delivery agent has to go through. No matter the weather or the season, they never fail to bring you your food. Till now, you might have seen these agents coming on bikes, cycles, and even on foot. But have you ever been delivered food through a horse? Yes, you read that right! Recently, a Swiggy delivery agent left many people speechless after he was seen delivering food on a horse!

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In a video, the delivery worker can be seen riding a horse while delivering food parcels as the city’s roads are flooded with water from the nonstop rain. This unique delivery method went viral after a short clip was shared on the internet. This clip is said to be from Mumbai’s Dadar. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has garnered 27K views and several comments. Many people have also retweeted the video. One person in the comment section wrote, “This is my dream come true. Hopefully, someday we will be able to ride horses on the streets. Streets built for horses and bicycles.” Another person said, “Nice idea to be prepared for a hike in gas petrol crisis.” One user even said, “Shahi Delivery.” And another one commented, “I hope he is not delivering pizza.” One user even said, “Swiggy be like: ye Baburao ka style hai!” Many others reacted with emojis.

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As monsoon has hit several parts of India, the Indian Meteorological Department issued an orange alert in Mumbai due to the extreme showers in the city.

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