We all have struggled with fitting in our clothes, haven’t we? After eating excessively for some time, we start to realise that certain tops seem a bit too tight, or the jeans are not fitting right. We may not have gained weight as such, but our size may just be different from what it was a few days ago. While we all are used to such body changes, did you know even celebrities face the same issues? Yes, you heard it right! Even actors at times find it difficult to fit into their favourite pair of jeans. Recently, one such celebrity shared her struggle with fitting into her clothes and we can’t help but relate to her problems! Take a look:


Masaba Gupta took to her Instagram to share her foodie problems with her fans and followers. From being a fashion designer, actor and entrepreneur, to now not being able to fit into her pants, it just makes us realise that Masaba is a human just like us! She shared the image of her healthy meal and added the caption – “Dinner. To stop my butt from leaving my pants *sic*”. For her meal, she was enjoying some boiled beans, lobia curry and a mashed sabzi. It seems like the key to Masaba Gupta maintaining a fit body is a simple home-cooked meal!

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With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Masaba Gupta loves to share her foodie journey with her fans. It doesn’t matter if she is eating a lavish meal or healthy food, she gives a glimpse of it all! She loves to eat out with her friends and family, and recently she shared a wholesome foodie video with her partner-in-crime Rhea Kapoor.

What did you think of Masaba Gupta’s healthy dinner? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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