Here’s a simple checklist to lighten up your space for the new season and give your home a spring refresh.

With spring officially in the air, I am always on a mission to lighten up our home – give it a seasonal refresh – without needing to buy all new items and make a huge dent in our budget.

There are a few small items that are dirty and worn that could use a replacement, but for the most part, I’ve been able to give our house a facelift without a massive trip to Target for spring decorating. 

Sometimes it only takes a bit of rearranging, a quick spring clean, and a fresh flowers to brighten up a space.

If anything, most of us have spent so much time at home over the past year, that it might just help to elevate your mood and alleviate stress by making your well-lived in rooms seem new again.

Here’s the checklist I’ve been working through to air out our home for spring and prep for the warmer months ahead.

Spring Home Refresh: How To Freshen Your Space

1. Deep clean or replace kitchen and bathroom rugs that are dirty or worn

Give all the small rugs in your house a wash. I bought this rug to replace the worn bath mat that used to be in the boys bathroom. I’m having the rug in Mazen’s room professionally cleaned after Gus had an accident on it – it will hopefully come back good as new!

2. Play throw pillow roulette

I do the throw pillow roulette every spring by simply swapping the throw pillows on the couches and master bed. I like neutral pastel colors all winter and brighter colors in the warmer months.

I purchased a few newer throw pillows from Hearth & Hand a while back, so now we have a bunch of pillows all in navy blue, patterns, and coral to mix and match.  

Bonus when your PJs match the decor!!

3. Air it out

Get ready for warmer days by cleaning the windows and putting the screens back in. I LOVE to open the windows on any day that is warmer than our thermostat’s temp. Not only do you get that spring breeze, but you’ll get to hear all the sounds of outdoors, too. 

I grew up sleeping with our windows open all summer (we didn’t have air conditioning in our bedrooms until I was in middle school!), so I love the sounds of summer nights. (Just watch out for pollen!) 

throw pillows on white duvet cover

4. Decorate your home office or dining table with a fresh bouquet of flowers

All of the tulips that are popping up outside can bring some cheerful color inside, too! How could a bright bouquet of yellow tulips not cheer you up while you work!? Lauren brought us this orchid as a gift, and it’s bringing lots of spring vibes into the house. 

5. Awake your senses with a new citrus or botanical candle

Make sure all of your fall and winter scented candles are stashed away until next season. Then add a lemon or rose candle to your entry way, coffee table, or office space.

6. Wash your winter wear.

Not the most exciting task, but think about all of your seasonal wear and give it a good wash before you store it away until the fall. I’m having one of my winter coats repaired as we speak (the zipper was sticky).

Wash your heavy winter coats (or even drop them off at the dry cleaners for a deep clean), then pack them away and make room for your spring/summer wardrobe. Give less-used duvet covers a run through the laundry, and areas you rarely vacuum a little attention. Now is also a great time to BUY winter coats since they’ll be on sale. And donate any you didn’t wear this past season to organizations that will need them next. 

Some of the pros will tell you to wash all of your curtains once a year, and this is precisely why I have very few curtains in my house – heh. 

7. Give patio furniture a pat down.

Hose off dust and spider webs from the patio and outdoor furniture so you can start using it! (But maybe wait until pollen season has passed – golly, that green pollen gets everywhere!) Our outdoors space is simply covered in it, and we have to hose everything down right around the first of May. 

These are the Nantucket Rocking Chairs from Grandin Road. THEY ROCK!

porch rocking chairs with coral cushions

8. Be bold with brighter colored décor

While I love neutral home decor, it’s fun to sprinkle in some color once this time of year to bring some energy to your interior design. Candles, throws, pillows, vases, pitches, napkins – all the accessories with pops of color come out of hibernation. 

9. Get the garden going

If you’re planning to plant, now’s the time! Make a plan for your garden this year. (I always seem to wait too long!) Till the soil, pull the weeds, clear the brush. We just ordered this herb planter for the grill deck side of our porch and I’m so excited to get some herbs going! I’ve always wanted an on-the-deck herb garden with easy access. 

10. Spring Clean the closets!

I sat down with Mazen while he was home last week and we went through every crumpled piece of paper and every little knick knack in his room. His closet now has plenty of breathing space for his baseball gear, guitar, and backpack when they are not in use. Birch’s closet is on the list next. 

What’s one thing you must do to welcome spring?

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