Sonu Sood has an immense fan following across the globe. Besides that, he is a foodie and his passion isn’t hidden from the world. The actor gorges on a variety of food items from time to time and shares glimpses of his gastronomic adventures with his online family. This time around, he decided to chomp on a “healthy” meal. On his Instagram Stories, we could see his exotic meal well decorated with vegetables and greens. There’s a spicy rice dish cooked with masalas and finely chopped vegetables. It also showed various greens and what looked like florets of cauliflower. It is served with some dip as well in a bowl alongside. Besides that, we could see some greens on his platter along with a carrot flower and a piece of lime giving it an aesthetic touch. Close to the platter, there’s a bowl of sumptuous, flavourful curry prepared with a bunch of spices. In a different bowl, there looks like another stuffed deep-fried potli-style dish accompanied by greens. For the caption, Sonu wrote, “Eat healthy.”

Take a look:


Sonu Sood enjoys digging in a variety of food items especially, the desi delicacies. Once, we saw him enjoying an iconic Punjabi dish usually, relished by people during the winter season. Yes, the actor devoured mouth-watering makki ki roti and sarso ka saag. He shared a snippet of his meal diaries that featured the classic combination. However, his plate showed various bowls of curry, pickles, dessert, and salad. He asked in the caption, “Anyone wants to join?”

If you follow Sonu Sood closely, you would know that the actor is a great chef as well. He often makes food videos on Instagram. Once, he shared a video under the title “Sonu Da Dhaba,” where he told the viewers that his tandoor menu has gotten bigger. He spoke about various flatbreads including lachha paratha, butter naan, missi roti, cheese lachha paratha, plain naan, and plain roti. Next, he demonstrated the process of making scrumptuous naan. He puts the naan (uncooked) onto a gaddi (a cloth pad used to put naan in a clay oven) and spreads it on the tandoor. Later, once the process is done, he removes it from the tandoor with the help of skewers.    

Once, Sonu Sood left us hungry while preparing missal pav, a popular Maharashtrian dish.  In the video, he could be heard saying that he loves this regional dish. The Filmistaan canteen serves the best misal-pav and if you ever visit, do try this dish here, he added. Basically, missal is a semi-liquid preparation of a mixture of lentils cooked with masalas typically served with pav. The actor could be seen making missal in the clip. “Khud Banao Khud Khao (cook it yourself and eat). Who wants Misal Pav?” he wrote in the caption.

We are looking forward to more such food posts from Sonu Sood. Aren’t you excited too?

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