No matter how much you order food from outside or go to your favourite restaurants to devour drool-worthy meals, nothing comes close to the joy of savouring home-cooked food. The food prepared at home is the best and we love coming back to it time and again for the taste and ultimate satisfaction. And, if there’s someone from the B-Town who is making us drool over comfort meals all over again, it’s none other than Sonam Kapoor. The diva recently treated herself to some ghar ka khana. She has shared a video of her mouth-watering desi spread on Instagram Stores and left us hungry.

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In the video, we could see a variety of dishes laid out in front of Sonam served in different utensils. The video starts with what looked like red rice and delicious bhindi ki sabzi prepared with mild spices. We could also see a sumptuous green peas curry cooked with a host of masalas. There seems to be a non-vegetarian dish as well with meat pieces dipped in a flavourful gravy. Besides that, there’s rice, a wholesome preparation of mushrooms and vegetables kept in a container, dal served in a separate bowl and what looked like rajma curry. Sonam wrote, “Ghar ka khana,” and added a song to the tunes of “Abhi toh party shuru hui hain.”

Take a look:


Sonam Kapoor certainly left us drooling over ghar ka khana. If you wish to have a similar experience, the recipes below are going to help you relish a delicious spread. You can prepare nice and tasty food at home and enjoy it like Sonam just did.

1. Masala Bhindi

Bhindi is always at the forefront when you talk about comfort food. This humble vegetable cooked with homely masalas like aamchoor, jeera and saunf powder and a few other ingredients tastes fantastic. It can be best relished with steaming hot chapatis or even dal and steamed rice.  

2. Red Rice Poha

How many of you love snacking? Well, if you do then, we have a healthier option that you can relish without any guilt. Snacks don’t always have to be fried or rich in calories, sometimes, they can be as simple and tasty as red rice poha. You can add peppers, button mushrooms, wild mushrooms, white wine and some cheese on top to make it an interesting dish.   

3) Natana Nu Shaak (Green Peas Curry)

Green peas carry a high nutritious profile. They are loaded with vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. So, why not make a delicious affair through this popular recipe and have it to our heart’s content? This green peas curry is surely going to tingle your tastebuds.  

4. Rajma 

If you wish to give your body a dose of protein, this should be your go-to recipe. This is a popular Indian curry made with kidney beans and a whole lot of spices cooked in rich flavours. Once, you prepare this curry at home, garnish it with green coriander leaves and chomp away with your meal.

5. Dal Fry

Dal fry with chapati or white steamed rice screams comfort from a distance. It’s packed with protein and has the ability to add that extra zest to your meal when cooked with the added tadka of green chillies, ginger, fried onions and turmeric.  

So, what have you decided to cook for your meal today?

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