Flavourful and succulent, kebabs make for a luscious addition to any meal. Whether it’s galouti kebab or seekh, doner or even boti kebab – there are so many delicious options out there to choose from. You can enjoy kebabs as appetisers, or pair them with roomali roti or naan for the main course; there is no end to the creative pairings you can make with kebabs. If you too are obsessed with kebabs and love them beyond measure, we have something for you. A UK-based restaurant called ‘I Am Doner’ is known for its award-winning kebabs and has launched something new. On the occasion of World Kebab Day on July 8, they announced a special ‘Kebab House’ – a unique staycation experience inside a Kebab-themed house. Take a look:

The UK-based kebab joint shared some illustrations of the kebab home on their Instagram handle, showing what this interesting Kebab house would look like. Calling it a pop-up property, they revealed that the Kebab-based pop-up would open up later this year.

The ‘sleepover in kebab heaven’ would include a specially designed home with many intricate details featuring kebabs. Naan-themed curtains and bedsheets, as well as garlic sauce bottle lamps. In the living room, there would be a special condiment cabinet with over 50 unique condiments that can be chosen as per the guest’s preference.

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Kebabs are loved not just by Indians but across the world.

Kebab-shaped cushions adorn the stain-resistant sofa in the kebab home so that you can enjoy the kebabs without any fear of spillages. There is even a lettuce shower cap and custom chilli kebabs in the washroom of the kebab pop-up that ‘will make your shower thoughts spicy’, as per the restaurant’s website. The UK-based restaurant does not mention if kebabs will be served at the staycation, though.

The first edition of the kebab house pop-up will be opening up in Leeds. It will then travel to other UK cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. So, kebab-lovers, you should surely add this one to your travel bucket list!

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