For the last two years, Sarah Villegas has been the gold standard in the IFBB Pro League’s Women’s Physique division. In 2020, she upset then champion Shanique Grant to win her first Olympia title. She went into 2021’s contest with people asking questions about whether she could stay on top. She dominated the contest and successfully went back-to-back in Orlando, Florida.

One key to her success has been her conditioning. More often than not, she’s been the best conditioned athlete on the stage. Her ability to stay ripped while displaying full muscles has been a big asset for the champ. She told Alina Popa and Lenda Murray about what people should know about conditioning on a recent episode of Femme Flex Friday.

“I think people need to realize there are multiple layers to that. You have leanness, you have dryness, and you have fullness. And all three of those things are very separate,” Villegas explained. “And when you master each one of those, that’s what gives you conditioning.”

When it comes to leanness, Villegas was critical in how some people critique themselves. She suggested that perhaps they may not understand the difference between too full and not lean enough.

“A lot of times you can have people that aren’t lean enough, and they say ‘well, I was too full.’ You weren’t too full, you weren’t lean enough,” she explained. The water balance and fullness of the muscles are important as well, but her takeaway point is that you have to be lean enough first, then focus on the other two. In the end, it is a triangle of factors to be your best on stage day.

“You have to remember that you can only achieve conditioning if you master all three of those.”

While she feels that focusing on being as lean as possible leading up to the contest is best, she doesn’t take it to the opposite extreme. The former sprinter advises to make the most out of offseasons so you can build muscle as well, just don’t get too carried away.

“Staying too lean keeps you from growing, but obviously, you know, acquiring too much bodyfat in the offseason keeps you from growing as well,” she shared. “You lose your shape, and it can be easy to lose sight on what you need to work on.”

Villegas also spoke out about her background in athletics, her meteoric rise to the top of the sport, and a lot more. Go to www.wingsofstrength.net to see this and all episodes of FFF every Friday. Don’t forget to follow @femmeflexfriday on Instagram as well.


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