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Home security isn’t a new topic. Break-ins have always been a concern for homeowners and domestic dwellings across Australia. However, information compiled by Statistica indicates that 2.4% of households experienced a break-in in 2021 and 1.9% reported attempted break-ins.

Break-in statistics

Taking this further, Budget Direct conducted a survey and found that Australia ranks 7th for domestic burglaries globally, but 70.8% also resulted in the theft of belongings. In 11.8% of burglaries, there was a confrontation with the perpetrator.

How to prevent burglary

Home security is a top topic in a world where people are becoming more inventive and persistent about gaining entry to places they shouldn’t and accessing others’ homes and belongings with the intent to steal. While having home insurance can help you mitigate the effects of this type of crime, prevention is better than the cure. Having adequate security systems and practices in place can be beneficial, especially if you frequently travel.

Security systems

Having good security systems can be beneficial in many ways. With the rise of smart systems, people can access better technology and tools to help them keep their homes safer than ever before. But home security is about much more than installing cameras and taking out insurance, although these two aspects are vital parts of any home security plan.

Protecting yourself

Citiguard Security Services compiled this handy infographic that details how you can protect yourself and your home from a break-in and what you need to do to protect your most valuable asset. Read on to find out how to protect your property internally and externally.

Infographic Created By Citiguard Security Services

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