Does a Cesarean Birth “Save Your Vagina” & Other Myths Busted with Dr. Janelle Howell

I’m so happy that the pelvic floor is finally getting its moment to shine. This incredibly important set of muscles impacts our breath, continence, helps keep our organs in place, and affects our day to day comfort. It certainly deserves our attention! However not all of the information people are sharing about it is factual and some of these myths can lead to real physical issues over time.

Today I’m speaking with Dr. Janelle Howell, DPT, WCS about these common myths. From assumptions like a cesarean birth will prevent prolapse and keep things tight, or that Kegel exercises will solve everything, or waist trainers will shrink your waist, Dr. Howell busts through these myths with facts and shares evidence based solutions.

This refreshing conversation clears the air about topics many are often hesitant to talk to a care provider about but can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn about Dr. Howell and what brought her to focus on women’s health and pelvic floor PT.
  • Does a cesarean birth save your vagina?
  • How the pelvic floor and core are affected by cesarean birth.
  • Why you should see a pelvic floor PT after cesarean birth.
  • Preparing your core and pelvic floor for a cesarean birth.
  • The “6 Week” lie.
  • Where the body is at 6 weeks after birth.
  • A big picture on the first 12 weeks of healing postpartum.
  • Kegels: how, when, and why to do them?
  • Kegel apps and gadgets, who are they good for?
  • Preparing the body for birth, are gadgets like the Epi-No useful?
  • Waist Trainers: do they shrink your waist?
  • Essential Oils: can they be used to change vaginal smells?
  • Yoni Eggs: useful or problematic?
  • Vaginal Steaming: Can they balance your hormones, cleanse your ovaries, or help PCOS and fertility?
  • Vaginal Foods: Connecting nutrition to your vaginal health
  • Posture: Holding your body in a loving manner
  • Where you can find Dr. Howell’s work.

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About Dr. Howell:

Janelle Howell is a doctor of physical therapy who gained her board certified specialist training from Loyola University. She currently practices as a pelvic physical therapist at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, IL treating conditions commonly overlooked like urinary incontinence, painful sex, and constipation. On Instagram and Tik Tik, she’s known as the “vagina rehab doctor” where she seeks to teach you everything about your vagina that your mama didn’t. Her goal is to build a radical culture of vaginal health through quality education! 

Additional Resources:

Dr. Howell’s E-Book: 50 Foods For Your Vagina

Connect with Dr. Howell:

Instagram: @vaginarehabdoctor

Website: https://www.vaginarehabdoctor.com

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