For all the design innovations that have made cycling more convenient, there’s no shortage of room for improvement, and Portland Design Works seems focused on closing that gap.

This week, the bike accessory maker churned out two rad concepts that allow riders to make lighting and storage work according to their exact setup. Meet the Cargo Web and Light Nug.

Cargo Web

Portland Design Works cargo web

Available in black, desert, marigold, or red, the Cargo Web ($20 MSRP) expands on a simple and age-old storage concept by providing a flexible tie-down system for cycling storage needs. But here’s the genius: Portland Design Works finishes each Web with 3M reflective material to improve rider safety after sundown.

Portland Design Works cargo web black

Cargo Web Specs
  • Secures precious cargo so it doesn’t jump out of your basket
  • Durable elastic nylon with interwoven 3M reflective strands for safety
  • 4 large molded hooks
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 10″

Light Nug

Portland Design Works light nug on spoke

Available in black or silver, the Light Nug ($15 MSRP) acts as a mount for any handlebar compatible headlight. By attaching to any standard eyelet on the bike or major accessories like a bike basket, the Nug frees up visual and physical space on the handlebar. It also allows riders to sidestep attachments or cargo that might otherwise obstruct the light beam.

pdw light nug on basket

Light Nug Specs
  • Solid alloy mount that bolts to standard bicycle frame eyelets
  • Frees up handlebar space
  • Knurling prevents light bracket rotation
  • 26.0 Diameter

Portland Design Works Bike Accessories

Both the Cargo Web and Light Nug are available through ridepdw.com.

For more accessories, ideas, and to stay up to date on the company’s latest, follow @ridepdw on Instagram.



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