India is a land of diversities. And if there’s one state that captures this diversity accurately, it has to be Maharashtra. This state is famous for the glamorous city of Mumbai, but it has so much more than that. While speaking about its culinary offerings, the local food is what Maharashtra is famous for. From misal pav to vada pav, from kanda bhajji to batata poha and more, there is a never-ending list that makes the local cuisine of Maharashtra so delectable. If you consider yourself a true foodie, you must try their delicious breakfast for an authentic Maharashtrian experience. Here are 7 classic breakfast dishes from Maharashtra that have to be on your bucket list (if you haven’t tried them already). Take a look.

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Here’re 7 Breakfast Recipes From Maharashtra You Must Try:

Kanda-Batata Poha: Our Recommendation

You must have tried various poha recipes originating from different regions. So, to introduce you to yet another poha dish, here we bring you Maharashtra’s specialty- Kanda Batata Poha! As the name suggests, this poha recipe is a mix of onions (kanda) and potatoes (batata) with other ingredients and has a lip-smacking taste to it. Find the recipe of Kanda-Batata poha here.


Batata Bhaji And Puri

Just like north Indians are obsessed with their aloo rasedar and puri, similarly Maharashtrians love their batata bhaji along with ‘garma garam puri’. Batata bhaji or batatyachi bhaji refers to a dry and spicy potato dish. It is popularly paired with piping hot puri. You can have it with rice or chapati too. Find the complete recipe of batata bhaji and puri here.


Pavachi Bhaji

As we all know, pav is widely used in Maharashtra. This ubiquitous bread can be found in a gamut of Maharashtrian delicacies and one such dish is pavachi bhaji, which is more like a fiery bread upma, doused in a mashed vegetable gravy. Find the recipe of Pavachi Bhaji here.


Kolache Pohe

Here we bring you another poha recipe. This recipe is completely different from the rest. It is basically poha soaked in coconut milk, with some other ingredients added to it. It makes for a popular breakfast in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. Click here for the complete recipe of Kolache Pohe.


Misal Pav

This dish is famous worldwide.. If you are someone with spicy taste buds, this recipe is a treat for you. Misal is a spicy flavourful curry made of moth beans. The curry is made of a whole lot of eclectic spices, onion, garlic, ginger,, chillies and sev. Find the complete recipe here.


Thalipeeth is a pancake hailing from the western part of the country. The famous breakfast dish is made with a special flour of roasted sabudana(tapioca), coriander seeds, wheat, rice and cumin seeds. It is best paired with curd, raita or pickle. Find the recipe of Thalipeeth here.

Dadpe Poha

Finishing the list with another poha recipe. In this recipe, raw poha is mixed well with grated coconut, onion, lemon juice, peanuts, curry leaves, seasonings etc and allowed to rest to turn soft and flavourful. Find the full recipe of dadpe pohe here.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these recipes and let us know how you and your family liked them in the comment section below.

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