Summer has arrived and soon the children will break up from school. So why not enjoy the sun and have a picnic. Picnics are fun. They are a great way to spend time with your family. With my picnic essentials, you shouldn’t forget anything!

picnic blanket with plastic container of vegetable sticks and tomatoes

You can take the kids to a park and enjoy a picnic and a run-around or you can make it romantic and enjoy some time with your partner. You can even have some me time and enjoy a picnic with a good book. However, if you enjoy your picnic, here are some picnic must-haves that will make your picnic so much better.

A Blanket

Firstly a picnic blanket is one of the most important picnic must-haves. You can use a blanket you already have at home, however, if you invest in a picnic blanket, they are waterproof on the bottom so you don’t need to worry about wet grass.

This Songmics Picnic Blanket is brilliant. It has a fern pattern and comes in 5 different colours. It is 2m x 2m which means it is big enough to fit the whole family on. The blanket is made with a waterproof aluminium bottom and a premium pongee fabric on op which is soft, skin-friendly, and smooth. Making it perfect to relax on. It is also easy to fold up and carry as it comes with a carry handle.

If you enjoy picnicking at the beach, this Beach Picnic Blanket may be more suitable. This blanket is specially designed for the beach and made from polyester. This means that you don’t have to worry about sand sticking to your blanket; if it gets wet, it is quick and easy to dry. This blanket is 2.1m x 2m so is also big enough to fit the whole family. It also comes with its own carry bag to make transporting it easy.

A Picnic Basket

You can’t have a picnic without a picnic basket. If you are looking for a more traditional basket, this wicker basket with fabric lining and 2 folding lids are perfect. The fabric lining is removable so it is easily washable. It is lightweight and has a large compartment for all your picnic goodies.

If you are going to be gone for the whole day, you may need a picnic basket that is insulated, such as this insulated cooler bag. This way it will keep your picnic colder for longer. This particular cooler bag is large enough to hold at least 24 cans of drink. Meaning it has plenty of space for your picnic. The cool bag is made from Oxford fabric which is waterproof and easy to clean.

Once you have your picnic basket, you will need to keep your picnic cool, especially on those warm summer days. Investing in some Reusable Ice Packs will improve your picnic. They come in a pack of 6 and are long-lasting and are definitely one of my picnic essentials.


The thing we all hate when it comes to picnics is the bees. There is nothing worse than a bee on your sandwiches. Therefore one picnic essential is mesh food coverings. These come in a pack of 5 and ensure that flying bugs and insects can’t get to your food. They are foldable so take up very little space when not in use and are easily washed using soap and water.

When you come to eat your picnic you may find you need dishes and cups. A tableware set such as this Tableware Mess Kit includes everything you may need for a family of 4. It contains 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups, 4 forks and 4 spoons. This kit is lightweight and easy to clean as it is in safe to go in the dishwasher. This is a picnic must have as it increases the variety of picnic foods you can include in your picnic.

One of the things that many people forget to take on their picnic is napkins. You can buy Disposable napkins. Or if you are more eco-friendly you could invest in some Washable Napkins. These particular napkins are pretty and highly absorbent. You simply wash them when you are finished and they are ready to use for the next occasion.

If you like to prepare your picnic rather than buy from the supermarket, you may need some tubs to store your picnic goodies. These Containers with Lids make the perfect picnic must-have. You can prepare food or bring home what you haven’t eaten. That way you can keep everything fresh.

All In One

If you are like me and tend to misplace items once you get home. They go for a wash and end up in a cupboard but if you can’t remember what cupboard, then an all-in-one bag may be the solution.

This Luxury Picnic Bag is perfect for a family of 4 and contains all your picnic needs. It comes with a chopping board, a bottle opener, a cheese knife, 4x dinner plates, 4x wine cups, 4x napkins, 4x knives/forks/spoons and it even comes with a salt and pepper shaker set.

On the side, it has a picnic blanket attached so you don’t need to take a separate blanket. The inside of the bag acts as a cool bag and keeps your picnic cool.

What to take for your picnic

If you are looking for ideas of what to take on your picnic then be sure to check out the following articles full of ideas.

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