Tips to identify low FODMAP foods

You’ve seen it in our first article of this series, the FODMAPs are present in a lot of foods. For some of them, only a very small amount is enough to trigger symptoms, such as ¼ of a garlic clove! It is then very important to get to know the products and food that are completely low FODMAP.  

First and foremost, by far the most helpful tool to guide you in your journey is the Monash FODMAP App available in your app store for a one time fee of about $10 (price varies depending on the app store). The fees are used to support further research on digestive diseases at the Monash University in Australia. This app guides you through the 3 steps of the low FODMAP protocol.  

At the first step, it gives you access to a food guide using 3 color codes that helps you identify foods that are ok to consume (green sign), that can be consumed in a small amount only per meal (yellow sign) and that cannot be consumed (red sign). On top of the food guide, there is also recipes and extra information on IBS and low FODMAP.  

At the second step, the app is useful to help you keep track of your reintroduction by using a food and symptoms diary. There is even a way to share the information entered to your dietitian for more support. Finally, the food guide can be adjusted to help you identify which foods you can have on step 3 of the protocol.  

Another very useful tool is a list of brands that offer low FODMAP foods created by The IBD Centre of British Columbia, available here. These brands may be available in some of your local stores or to order online on their website.  

While shopping for your low FODMAP foods, you may want to look at their certification. There are 2 logos that certifies low FODMAP foods. In order to use these logos, the food item has to run tests in order to be considered fully low FODMAP foods. Some foods may have high FODMAP ingredients in their list, but in a small amount that would not trigger symptoms. Some examples are the FODY garlic-infused olive oil or the COBS lowFOD bread (containing wheat).


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