Ever wondered why sabzi is so popular in Indian cuisine? Because it can be made into a myriad of versions and all of them taste great in their own way. Be it dal chawal, roti, poori, kachori and even paratha, we all need a bowl of delectable sabzi to amp up the whole spread. There are so many options to make a delicious bowl of sabzi that would go perfectly with your lunch or dinner spread. But if you are searching for something unique and want to put out a ‘never-seen-before’ Indian meal for your family, we have found some really interesting recipes for you. Papad ki sabzi, watermelon skin sabzi, rasgulla sabzi, all these sabzis are really unique and we are sure your family would love to devour. So, without much ado, let’s learn how to make them.

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Here’re 5 Unique Sabzi Recipes You All Must Try:

Tarbooz Ke Chilke Ki Sabzi (Watermelon Skin Sabzi): Our Recommendation

While we are digging into the super refreshing summer fruit, do we ever realise how we can use the skin of this fruit? You probably didn’t know this, but that outer layer of watermelon is not useless; it can be consumed too. Want to know how? Click here for the Watermelon Skin Sabzi recipe.


Rasgulle Ki Sabzi

Yes, you heard it right – a ‘sabzi’ made of your favourite spongy rasgullas. In the arid regions of Rajasthan, particularly Jodhpur, innovative curries like Rasgulle ki sabzi and Gulab Jamun ki sabzi are some of the popular main course dishes. Try it by yourself. Here’s the recipe for you.

panee rasgulle

Papad Ki Sabzi

Rajasthan is a place where you will notice a wide range of culinary experiments. Here we bring you one more unique Rajasthani sabzi recipe. It is called papad ki sabzi. To prepare this all you need is some papad, dahi, some spices and you are good to go. Click here for the complete recipe of papad ki sabzi.


Aloe Vera Ki Sabzi

Aloe Vera is mostly used in the form of a juice. For a change, we tried making Aloe vera ki subzi. It tasted super delicious and is also very healthy to eat. Use the sweet variety of aloe vera to make this aloe vera ki Sabzi (do taste aloe vera before cooking this recipe). Click here for the complete recipe of aloe vera ki sabzi.

Gobhi Danthal Sabzi

It is said that gobhi danthal is rich in immunity-boosting vitamin C too. Remember the next time when you lop off the cauliflower florets and are about to trash the remaining parts. Save them and make this delightful Indian sabzi with it. Pair it up with simple chapatis and savour! Find the complete recipe of gobhi danthal sabzi here.

Now you know the drill, try out these interesting recipes at home and let us know how you all liked them! If any of you have interesting recipes like these, let us know. Happy Cooking!

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