If you have been following Padma Lakshmi, then you’d know that the Indian-American celebrity is a hardcore foodie. Whenever we see her, she is always indulging in some delicious meal or cooking up a storm in the kitchen! With over 1.3 million followers, she loves to share her own tips and tricks she practices in the kitchen. Padma Lakshmi is a big fan of pomegranates; we can always spot her enjoying her favourite snack – pomegranate toast on her social media. Due to her high consumption of this fruit, she has her own special way of cutting it! And, she has decided to share it with all of us. Take a look:

In the video, Padma Lakshmi creates four cuts around the top of the pomegranate and removes it, revealing the pulpy seeds of the fruit. Observing the inside of the pomegranate, she makes diagonal cuts to the fruit. The pomegranate opens up like a flower, showing the beautiful red seeds of the pomegranate. Later, Padma Lakshmi and her daughter bite into the pomegranate petals, enjoying the juiciness of the multiple pomegranate seeds at once. Along with the video, Padma Lakshmi shared the caption below:

“How I open a pomegranate!! I shared this #pomegranatehack a few years ago, but so many of you were asking about it on my peach pitting video so I wanted to resurface it. File this one away until pomegranate season (*sic*)!!”

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This sanguine-coloured fruit is available throughout the year and is preferred by people who are extremely health conscious. While the fruit is a little larger in size than an apple, it stands apart from most fruits due to what it holds within. The most interesting and delicious part of the fruit is the seeds! Each seed is covered by arils, a pulpy outer layer that holds the nutritional value of a pomegranate. It is this fleshy aril that we consume and use to make pomegranate juice. If you have been wishing to add the healthy pomegranate to your diet, we have found some easy recipes you can prepare using a pomegranate:

5 Cool Ways To Add Pomegranate To Your Diet

Anar Barfi, Anar Kulfi And More Pomegranate Desserts You Can Make With This Nutrient-Rich Fruit

What did you think of Padma Lakshmi’s way of opening a pomegranate? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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