The NFL has mastered the art of making news when games aren’t being played.

Tuesday has to be considered one of the best examples of the league’s ability to dominate the sports headlines in its off-season.

First came a report that the Green Bay Packers were set to make Aaron Rodgers the highest paid player in NFL history, though the star quarterback later tweeted terms of the deal weren’t accurate.

Hours later, we found out the Seattle Seahawks were sending fellow top QB Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos, who had been rumoured to be a potential destination for Rodgers if he decided to leave Green Bay.

The two quarterbacks have made a combined 19 Pro Bowl teams.

All this came a day after the league was in the bad-news headlines — with Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley suspended at least one year for betting on NFL games.

Here’s a look at some of the reaction to Tuesday’s news.

In Seattle, the Seahawks now have to find their way without a marquee quarterback — which can be a difficult position. 

Just ask Buffalo Bills fans in the 20-plus years before Josh Allen.

The AFC West, already a quarterback hot spot, just got that much stronger. 

The conference, as a whole, also features top quarterbacks like Allen, Joe Burrows (Cincinnati Bengals) and Lamar Jackson (Baltimore).

In Denver, Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy posted the following tweets (first after the Rodgers news, second and third after the Wilson development).

In Green Bay, Packers fans get to keep a quarterback who has caused more than his fair share of controversy with his views on COVID-19 vaccination — but also has won a lot of games.


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