The Fat burning Mechanism!!

It is usual to have a day for cheating over meal. it is absolutely fine if this happens once a week, but it should not go beyond this. One should also look after his/her strategies for cheat meal. Eating like a garbage for damn 24 hours once a week doesn’t offset to revive in your diet and workout schedule, it is nothing more than provoking your muscle growth and fat loss.

According to the BuiltLean contributors and nutritional scientist Eva Lana, “A cheat meal is high calories and all macronutrients – proteins, carbs, and fat – and is not something that  would normally be part of a proper diet.” It shouldn’t be like going out and having Stuffed crust pizza, double digit scoop sundae etc .

It is indeed a myth that after having a cheat day, the next day when you weigh, it is same  like the previous day. which finally motivates you to increase your cheat meals.and you end up forgetting your proper diet plan. which can be an obstacle in losing weight in a long run.

For understanding this concept. lets go scientifically.

When you consume more calories than your body needs, both carbs and fats end up stored in muscles and in other areas throughout your body. Carbs turned into glycogen, then stored into muscles . Glycogen is as similar to our body as gasoline to car. Our body needs energy  for various metabolic activity, which is stored in the form of Glycogen or fat. our Body uses glycogen for energy prior to the Fat and Fat remains stored in our muscles. So it is necessary to diminish the glycogen storage as then our body would have no other option rather than using fats for energy.

Cheat Meals our not about having sugar or any other “unclean” food. Cheat Meal is just having eating more calories than what you have planned for the day. And if you didn’t gain the weight after the cheat meal. doesn’t mean you have not stored the fat. Your fat will definitely show up in the long run, as it is stored in muscles.

After cheat days. may your weight remains same. but for that very week you won’t be able to go down with your weight. and will have to spend a week or so to decrease those pointers.  This is probably because whatever you eat will be stored in muscles as a fat or glycogen and u will have to work hard to burns those extra calories.

You people might wondering what happens to us when we end up increasing weight after a cheat meal??? Or how long we can sustain ignoring those tempt of eating delicious food. Or You can ask for proper cheat meal diet plan from us.  we are available for all your queries 24*7

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