Each morning I’ll wake up around 7.30am as I need my 8 hours of sleep each night. I always make sure I hydrate my body after the night’s sleep with water. I continue my technology ban from the evening before – so no checking of social media, texts or emails –  until after I’ve been awake for at least 30-40 minutes. Instead I direct my attention to what I am grateful for and practice my wholesome morning routine.

Although each morning may look a little different depending on where I am or what engagements I have, above all, I always prioritise self-care, even if it is just for 10 minutes. 


Starting the day on a good note, changes the rest of the day.

Here are my 4 non-negotiables that I do every morning, which truly ground me and set me up for a positive, productive day ahead:


Deep belly breathing and affirmations

As soon as I wake up, I spend a few minutes taking deep belly breaths. This helps me connect with my breath and feel centered. I also love to repeat positive affirmations. Saying, ‘I love myself just as I am’ and ‘I’m grateful for the abundance in my life’ puts me in a good headspace and connects me with a deep sense of gratitude that I carry with me throughout the day.


Prioritise movement

I love to start my day with a 30 min workout from the JSHealth AppIt’s so important to get your body moving and I love the rush of endorphins that exercise gives me. I like to listen to my body and exercise according to my mood. If I need something more grounding, I’ll go for a walk or do some yoga. If I want to sweat it out, I’ll do some weight training or HIIT (high-intensity interval training).


Pamper with a skincare routine

I believe taking care of our skin – the body’s largest organ – is a real act of self-love. I’m a big believer that an effective skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated. I personally follow the JSHealth Vitamin’s 4-Step Skincare System, which includes cleansing, a brightening serum, an age-defying oil and a protective moisturiser. I use a gua sha beauty tool to support product absorption and lymphatic drainage, plus it feels like a lovely massage. My skin has honestly never been better!


Enjoy a balanced meal

I swear by a nourishing and satiating breakfast that contains protein, fibre and good fats to naturally support energy levels. I’ll fuel my body with the JSHealth Power Protein Smoothie or – my current obsession – wholesome seed toast topped with cheddar cheese and tomato! This is followed by my one-a-day piccolo coffee, which I truly sip mindfully and savour.


Love Jess x


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