Any new clip from Kilian Bron is a feast for the eyes, but Pyrenean Textures takes it to another level. The riding is still impressive, but this film places even more emphasis on the scenery and textures found in the Pyrenees regions of France, Spain, and Andorra. That makes this clip close to home for Commencal, and it highlights the capabilities of their META POWER eMTB.

From Commencal:

Having shot many video projects in the Alps in recent years and after his last project “Switzerland Paradise”, Kilian Bron wanted to quite literally expand his horizons. Since joining COMMENCAL, he has spent weeks discovering the most beautiful and remote, but also the most technical trails of the Pyrenees; in France, Spain and of course in Andorra, a stone’s throw from our HQ office.

With our META POWER, this new project is based around the array of textures that can be found in the Pyrenees. An environment with a prevalence of minerals and without much vegetation in places, the search was on to find earth more colourful than before. From the red of Castillo de Acher to the yellow of the Sierra De Guara, passing by the dazzling darkness of the Andorran peaks and not to mention the bright white of various desiccated Spanish lakes, Kilian and his team take us through it all in this new video that is one of a kind!


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