We all can universally agree that summers are synonymous with having all cold things. Be it ice creams, cold coffee or cold drinks and shakes, we instantly feel refreshed and rejuvenated with just a sip of these delicious items. And it seems like Mira Kapoor also agrees with us! Mira Kapoor is one of those foodie celebrities whom we relate the most! You will find her indulging in all things delicious, but at the same time, she strikes a balance with her nutritious meals. Currently, the social media personality is travelling, and she has made it a point to share her moments with her fans and followers. As she made her way to London with her family, Mira was seen having a delicious-looking iced tea!

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Posting a snapshot of her adventures on Instagram, Mira is sitting in a restaurant where she is enjoying a chilled glass of ice tea. In the story, she also wrote, “This summer has basically been iced tea.” Check out her story below:


Doesn’t it look delicious? Ice tea is the perfect drink to have in this hot and humid weather. It’s refreshing taste brightens up our spirit and satisfies us to the core. Plus, making ice tea at home is also super simple. You just need a handful of ingredients, and your restaurant-style ice tea will be ready in just 10 minutes! So, if you also want to enjoy an ice tea like Mira Kapoor, here we bring you a quick and easy recipe. Find it below:

Ice Tea Recipe: Here’s How To Make Ice Tea

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First, take a glass and fill it with ice cubes. In this, pour some sugar syrup and lemon juice and sprinkle the mint leaves. Pour the boiled tea over and stir gently. Allow it to cool for a while. Place the lemon slice on the rim and decorate with the mint spring! Serve and enjoy!

If you are in search of more such refreshing ice tea recipes, find them here.

Try out these recipes and let us know which recipe was your favourite!

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